Monday, October 11, 2010

Everyone that reads this blog knows full well that I tried to breastfeed and Elle quit on me. So my choices were as follows in modern America:
  • Let her starve
  • Feed her formula
I read a horrible article today. This article was written by a man who, I am going out on a limb here, has probably never nursed a baby. I strongly suggest he not use one data point to spread fear, look at other products and try nursing my baby first.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Binkey...oh The Binkey

Elle loves her binkey. Some people call it a paci. Some people call it a pacifier. Some people call it a plug.

When we are home, she only gets it in the crib or in the car. However, on vacation or travel, and especially on planes...she kind of gets it all the time. This means I have to do a little retraining when I get home. The good side of the transition is, sometimes she wants it so bad that she will sit in her crib to get a little binkey time. This is not quite nap time, but she gets a little rest. Kind of like quiet time. So that works for mommy and baby!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ya just don't understand

I took Elle to a funeral this weekend, on a a rental car, on a bus, on a train. She is a really good sport. She is a great traveler. She does not cry at the drop of a hat and is rarely inconsolable. Elle is not the problem on trips, other people are the problem. Adults are idiots. I got on the plane with my folding umbrella stroller that goes behind my suitcase (note, 1 suitcase for me and Elle...a back pack). I no longer gate check my stroller because the lovely people at Delta destroyed it. I had bought a travel bag to gate check it, and they still managed to not only wreck it...but then refuse to fix it. They wanted me to bring it back to the airport and leave it with them. How the heck does a parent of a 10 month old do that??? Go to the airport, pay to park, find the "helpful Delta Courtesy Desk" (BTW, WTF?!?!?!) and leave the stroller there. Ok. Great idea. Jerks.

So, I get on the plane with my little stroller and back pack. Load them into the overhead compartment and sit down with our small diaper bag. Good to go. Two old Jerks carrying 3 suitcases each (as carry on luggage) get on and loudly ask..."Shouldn't this stroller go under the plane?" I replied, no, it fits in the overhead and we only have that plus our ONE carry on bag. How about you mind your business and get on the plane faster if you have more JUNK to shove into the overhead bin.

It was nap time. Elle refused to nap in my arms, so I made a pallet on the floor for her to cozy up on. Yes, I let my kid sleep on a pile of pillows and sweatshirts on the floor. Would you prefer I let her scream in agony because she is tired?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

If only Elle ate grass...

I just read this article in the NYTimes...All about environmentalists biggest vices...and I got the same problem...DIAPERS! Here is the thing, disposable diapers are bad bad bad bad bad for the environment. They are so bad they warrant bad bad bad grammar.

However, cloth diapers ain't so great either. Have you ever tried to kill the bacteria in poopies and peepees without using super hot water, a super hot dryer or *heaven forbid* chemicals like bleach that then have to be double rinsed out of the cloth you put right next to your baby's fanny (or tushie, or coolie, or whatever you call it at changing time when you are trying to beg your kid not to run away with no pants on).

So Elle wears disposable diapers...when I can get them on her without her running away. She runs away now, for real. I am sorry I don't blog more, I love it. But my house is currently a mess under everything that Elle can get into while I am actually supervising her...I can only imagine what my house would look like if I took time looking away from her at a computer screen to update you on the gates she climbed or chairs she toppled.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Booo Similac

Anyone who has read this blog knows I have given Similac props in the past for their phone line support. But today they get a big fat boooooo for the way they are handling this recall. For those who have not already read this all over the internet and tv news...apparently there are bug parts and larvae inside some cans of Similac. I am deliberately NOT linking you to the official Similac recall site because I have been trying for 10 hours to get on it with no luck.

That is part of the boooooo Similac.

If you are going to recall the sole source of nutrition for infants all over the country...have a DARN plan in place to get info out to parents about EXACTLY what is wrong and EXACTLY what is tainted. As of right now, I can't check my cans because the web site and phone lines are overwhelmed. I went out and bought a can of Gerber Good Start last night....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The 5 am stumble

Ok, so I do consider myself lucky that Elle sleeps soundly from about 8pm until 5 am...when she wants a little nip to tide her over until she wakes up at 630 or 7 am. By little nip, I mean just that. It is the only time she wants to nurse so that is what we do. I am actually glad she still wants to nurse at that hour and has not rejected it like she does the rest of the day. I could not under any circumstances manage to make a bottle at that hour. I am a freekin mess. She cries, I stumble in, pick her up, nurse, put her down and stumble back to bed. I don't know how long this will last, but it is starting to get a little old.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Elle has 5 teeth

Some updates on much talked about milestones:

  • Teeth: 5, brushed occasionally with the safety first toothbrush
  • Walking: meh, a couple steps here and there, but not fast enough for Elle
  • Climbing: check, up gates, up furniture, up the stroller, up the stairs
  • Laughing: only when something is funny, she really makes you work for it
  • Head bumping: yep, so stressful for mommy - Elle loves to explore and takes the occasional spill
  • Crying: yep, this is a funny one, she cries when she is mad now, for example when mommy takes away a "toy" (read garbage found on floor) or stops her from putting her finger in a light socket *mommy is soooo mean
  • Talking: babbling, cute, she will chat away in her car seat or to her toys, she has a lot to say
  • Play: check! Now having play dates with friends, Elle is learning to interact with kids her age
  • Eating: only feeds herself, I have given up on yogurt or anything spoon fed - spoons are for playing - fingers are for eating