Thursday, September 30, 2010

If only Elle ate grass...

I just read this article in the NYTimes...All about environmentalists biggest vices...and I got the same problem...DIAPERS! Here is the thing, disposable diapers are bad bad bad bad bad for the environment. They are so bad they warrant bad bad bad grammar.

However, cloth diapers ain't so great either. Have you ever tried to kill the bacteria in poopies and peepees without using super hot water, a super hot dryer or *heaven forbid* chemicals like bleach that then have to be double rinsed out of the cloth you put right next to your baby's fanny (or tushie, or coolie, or whatever you call it at changing time when you are trying to beg your kid not to run away with no pants on).

So Elle wears disposable diapers...when I can get them on her without her running away. She runs away now, for real. I am sorry I don't blog more, I love it. But my house is currently a mess under everything that Elle can get into while I am actually supervising her...I can only imagine what my house would look like if I took time looking away from her at a computer screen to update you on the gates she climbed or chairs she toppled.

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