Monday, September 20, 2010

Elle has 5 teeth

Some updates on much talked about milestones:

  • Teeth: 5, brushed occasionally with the safety first toothbrush
  • Walking: meh, a couple steps here and there, but not fast enough for Elle
  • Climbing: check, up gates, up furniture, up the stroller, up the stairs
  • Laughing: only when something is funny, she really makes you work for it
  • Head bumping: yep, so stressful for mommy - Elle loves to explore and takes the occasional spill
  • Crying: yep, this is a funny one, she cries when she is mad now, for example when mommy takes away a "toy" (read garbage found on floor) or stops her from putting her finger in a light socket *mommy is soooo mean
  • Talking: babbling, cute, she will chat away in her car seat or to her toys, she has a lot to say
  • Play: check! Now having play dates with friends, Elle is learning to interact with kids her age
  • Eating: only feeds herself, I have given up on yogurt or anything spoon fed - spoons are for playing - fingers are for eating

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