Thursday, September 2, 2010

Practical advice

I took a child care and delivery class when I was pregnant. It was great. One of the things the teacher told us was, "seat to eat". Always make your kid sit down to eat. Makes sense, right? Until you have a kid like Elle that quit nursing during the day on her own because she had to be still and wont take a bottle unless she is standing up. I try to feed her exclusively in her high chair...but sometimes she is hungry but wont sit I feed her in her saucer. She loves to play and be busy. She does not stop moving for a second until she is so exhausted she can't stand up any more. She is such an active child and I don't want to fight constantly to have her sit down. That is why we stopped nursing, because it was a fight (she still nurses her first feeding of the morning before she gets fired up and ready to go). That is why when we read books we each get our own and Elle reads hers in a crawling position. She is on the go...

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