Monday, July 12, 2010

Elle still not sleeping...

Elle still is waking up at 3 am every night. She used to sleep 9 to 5, now I am lucky to get to sleep until 3:14 am. Why is she still doing this? Is this something I can ask the pediatrician about without sounding like a major jerk? (like, I just want to sleep...not like I care about her well being)

She wants to nurse at 3 am. She is not interested in nursing during daylight hours. She squirms and bites and pushes (even when she is hungry), but at 3 am, she wants to nurse.


  1. I think you were blessed with a good sleeper and you are now getting a taste of what the rest of us went through. LOL But seriously - I'm sure you are already doing everything you can to ensure a good night of sleep... Full tummy before bed, having her room the right temp, no uncomfy clothing, clean diaper, no loud noises etc... It seems like a cruel joke when your child stops sleeping through the night peacefully, but its not... It probably has to do with her development right now... she is becoming more mobile and learning all sorts of new things and maybe sleeping is just boring so she fights it? For your sake I hope she starts sleeping better soon. Olivia went through spurts of sleeping well and then not... its no fun. Sorry momma!

  2. I agree with Brianne. She may just be learning so much during the day, and doing so many wonderful and exciting things that sleep is not a priority.


    She could be experiencing growth spurts. Madeleine went through the same thing, and still does, when she's having a growth spurt. Aside from eating us out of house and home! So she just might be waking up from the pains of her joints expanding and wanting her momma to soothe her. Maybe nursing is her security blanket of sorts...