Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More poops

Since the introduction of many more solid foods we have had many more poops. This is a good thing. Often the first food in tolerances manifest themselves through constipation (or so my mom says). Elle has gone from a once a day pooper to at least 2 good ones. Now that she eats the occasional meat, these poops can be real stinkers. Also, because she likes finger foods I often get to see the blueberry skins and pieces of produce in the diaper. Awesome.

I am introducing foods at a pretty rapid pace because she has had no reactions. She eats a wide variety of dairy now...yogurts and cheeses. Yum. She has also had turkey, chicken, beef and salami. She ate pasta for the first time at a party a couple days ago. She loves it all.

I let her do a lot of finger foods and try to feed her off the spoon at least once a day so she knows what that is all about. I don't want her to be a monkey baby. She is still nursing 2-3 meals a day and gets a 6-7 oz bottle at night before bed. Overall, she is eating so much better (read more) than she was 3 weeks ago. It is like she finally got the hang of it. I try not to obsess over the "normals" and "milestones" that the books and websites give me (apparently she should have been eating food off a spoon regularly by 6 months...but she didn't). She would taste the food, but rarely eat as much as she does now. I feel like she has what she needs to grow now...we will find out at her 9 month checkup!

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