Monday, July 19, 2010

Formula feeding

Formula smells bad. To me. To Elle, it must smell good because she scarfs that stuff down like it is her job at night. I am still to lazy to formula feed the rest of the day, so she still is a boobie baby until that last feeding.

Someone asked me the other day when she will stop nursing. I really have not thought that far ahead. She eats a wide variety of people food, but not in great enough quantity to stop the bottle yet. She is only 8 months old (this week) and The American Academy of Pediatrics says to nurse for a year if possible. If you don't nurse for the year you need to do formula. She can't get everything she needs yet from solid food and she has not had cow milk yet. (she has had nibbles of cheese and yogurt, which she likes!)

I don't know when we will stop nursing. I feel like I have other things to worry about. I have stopped pumping extra bottles because that was getting to be very hard on my body. I was starting to either feel tired or resentful of the pump and that was not good. So for now, we will keep nursing as many meals as we can and figure out the rest later.

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