Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big night last night

Last night I was a dirty stay out. As soon as Mr. Bishop came home...I left for a big night on the town. I went to Trader Joes for some recreational grocery shopping. I like Trader Joes and I like Whole Foods, but they are not every day grocery stores. I can't get everything I want or need there. I can get some treats for the whole family...but I can't get regular stuff and if I try to get regular stuff I end up coming home with "punishment food". So my trip to Trader Joes was for fun. I got some good bread and spreads and apple sauce for the baby. It was fun. I did not dress up. I did not even shower. But I had a great hour by myself.

Yesterday Elle and I were official beach bums. We got to the beach at 9:30 and did not leave until 5 pm. We put in a hard day! She swam in the pool an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. She took 2 long naps and she ate a bunch of blue berries (cut in quarters) baked potato (cut into little niblets) and mozzarella cheese (also cut into niblets). I find that she does not mind if I put all these niblets in the same tupperware. So I did. And she snacked all day. I had some peaches that I ate and she likes to gnaw on the edge of my peach (as soon as I bite the skin off for me). That is super cute and she loved it!

Elle is also learning how to drink out of her sippy cup. Very cute. We got the soft spout version from Born Free and she likes the handles. I think she actually prefers her little plastic shot glass that I let her drink out of in the high chair...but really, she doesn't get much in her mouth from that method.

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