Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hunger Strike

A few things about food...

One: Even if you pediatrician says you can introduce 'solids' to your 4 month old, you don't HAVE to... I didn't. I waited until Elle looked ready to me. I waited until her pincer grasp was strong. I waited until she sat up in her high chair by herself. That worked for us. She nursed exclusivly until about 6 months (some pumped, some frozen). Then we added some formula and started her solids.

Two: I introduced foods 'fast', some of those non alergenic foods I introduced after a quick 48 hour waiting period. This allows me to feed her pretty much what we eat now. If we have pasta with tomatoes and cheese...I cut up her pasta and cheese and hold back the tomatoes and instead give her another veggie. This has made my life very easy. I did not introduce tomatoes yet because they can be too acidic.

Three: Elle goes on hunger strikes. Some days she eats a lot, others she doesn't. She is growing great, her color (skin tone) is great, her fingernails are growing and she makes healthy poopies and peepees....so I don't worry. As a matter of fact, Elle is not the only hunger striker... I have tried to find out if it is politically motivated, but she aint talkin'....

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