Monday, August 2, 2010

Dirty Faced Kid

When Elle was a tiny baby...she stayed in my arms and I dressed her in little outfits and she was so cute! She was always clean and always had that nice baby smell.

Now she is a wild woman. At 8 months old she wants to be crawling on the floor (or GROUND! Gross) and rolling and touching everything. Her knees are always dirty and I wash her hands 50 times a day. Even worse, she likes to feed herself and it is cute...except that her face is stained with blue berries and beets and little streaks of dried yogurt. I take her to the sink after every meal and wash her face and hands and arms...and remove her bib. But somehow, mommy always misses something. Elle delights in her new found freedom and messyness. She is never happier then when she is 'running' away from a washcloth or a clean pair of pants.

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