Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Elle had avocados for dinner tonight! Big winner!!! She ate everything available!

A great reader sent me this link today to Mark's Daily Apple, the section about babies eating what primitive babies ate is great! I like eating whole foods and I think that is why I like introducing Elle to veggies first...she will have plenty of exposure to processed foods when she gets old enough to ride her bike to Dunkin Donuts.

Tonight Mr. Bishop and I ate avocados also. I don't know if my theory is sound, but here it is:
If we eat at the table together as often as possible, and all eat some components of the same things, I feel like it will be normal for Elle growing up. I want her to eat a wide variety of foods and *selfishly* I don't want to have to make her 'special' Elle only dinners. I want to cook one meal for the family and I think eating it at the table is a good habit for all of us to have.

Check back in 3 years to see if my theory holds water...

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  1. Eating at the table is a GREAT habit to have! Keep it up! While she's growing, you and Mr. Bishop can talk about your day at the table, so when she gets older, it will just be natural for her to tell you how her day went and what went on. :)

    And... just to ease your concern a bit... I tell Madeleine that I don't operate a short-order kitchen. She eats what we eat. Period. :) Luckily, she loves veggies. It's meat she's having a tough time with right now!! LOL