Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet potato allergy?

Has anyone ever experienced a sweet potato (or yam) allergy???

We introduced yams two nights ago and have had no problems and I want to try avocados tonight... I know that the reccomended wait between solid foods is 2 to 4 days...but if I wait 4 days between each food she will be 17 before she gets arugula!! Not to mention ginger!

We chose to skip cereal and go right for whole foods. I baked a yam (it was a biggie) on Sunday night and Mr. Bishop and I split most of it and cut a small piece out for Elle. I mashed hers with a little breast milk until it was a very runny consistency (like the cereal would be). She had a huge smile on for the first few bites. I think she ate about a tablespoon of the mix on Sunday and at least that much on Monday.

We decided to breast feed right before solid food time to about 3/4 as long as she normally eats so she would not be famished before trying a new way of eating but would also be a little hungry for a new thing. I also offered nursing right after she came out of her high chair just in case she was still hungry. Babies should still derive most of their nutrients from breast milk (or formula) because it is hard for them to get enough calories from food.

We want to introduce her to flavors and eating with the family without depriving her of her primary source of nutrition.

So far it is working. She did the really cute baby spit the food out (tongue thrust) and we had to wipe her chin with the spoon and re feed the same sweet potatoes a couple times! Overall we kept it a very mellow experience and she seemed to enjoy the new flavor.

Mr. Bishop and I will decide tonight if we should do one more day of sweet potato or try the avocados. I suppose it depends on if we want sweet potatoes again for dinner or taco Tuesday!!!

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