Sunday, April 11, 2010

My girl likes to party all the time!

One thing I can say for Elle is that she is a social butterfly. Take this baby to a party and she is happy and chatty with everyone who wants to hold her. She likes to dance on any table she can find. Usually about half way through the party (about one diaper change in) she likes to take off her tights and really boogie.

However, all that party interferes with her naps. You would not know that this is a problem at the party...she powers right through fueled by adoring looks and the social scenery. When we get home, we are guaranteed a major baby melt down. All the exhaustion from the day catches up with her and she wants sleep now but is too tired to get comfortable.

We try to keep her on a good schedule to avoid these meltdowns, but we have to have some leeway for family events and fun stuff! I have been pretty strict so far about night time schedules. We like to get her to bed at the same time every night. I feel like she appreciates the routine and it is good for her. Sometimes this upsets people when we have to leave early or cut things short, but it works for us and that is all that matters at the end of the day...unless you want to come over and hold my wailing baby!

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