Monday, April 5, 2010

SuperFussyDay today

Today was a super fussy day. I really think we are back to teething time. It seemed like we did it for a while, then took a break and are now back in drool city.

To combat the crankyness, we kept busy.

For the last few weeks I have been searching for a jogging stroller on craigslist. It is amazing how much money people want for their old junk. (Note, I wanted to use another word for poop in that sentence, but kept it G rated.) I actually found a couple of "one year old, gently used" joggers for MORE than they retail for at BRU. What?!?!?! I don't care if you never used it, the value goes down when it leaves the store sweetheart.

Anyway, after several weeks of looking, I bit the bullet and went to BRU today to buy a new one. I had a 20% coupon and an itch to spend money. I do have a regular stroller system, but I am not thrilled with the hard plastic wheels and lack of maneuverability on the Chicco Cortina. Don't get me wrong, it is ok, but I don't love it, it is heavy and awkward and really, I wish I had chosen something else.

I went and got the Baby Trend Expedition LX. It is not the least expensive jogger there, but by far not the most expensive. A few things I like:
  • The front wheel swivels or locks with a little button/switch near the handle bars.
  • The tires are bicycle type, durable and filled with air to minimize bumping on rough terrain.
  • It has 4 cup holders, two for me and two for Elle.
  • It is really easy to maneuver with her in it.
Things that I don't love:
  • It is ugly.
  • The seat positioned is a strap that has continuous positions, but doesn't feel as safe as a nice clicking one.
  • It does not have the hand break like the more expensive joggers do.
We gave it a test run at home and I have officially joined the suburban moms with three wheeled strollers. I have not used it for a big walk yet, but will hopefully have time for that tomorrow.

It was easy to put together...but some of the instructions were funny.

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