Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little Girl Big Poops!

My cousins gave Elle a super cute onesie that says "little girl, big dreams". I have big dreams for my daughter. However, if we were to take the onesie and put it in the tangible would read, "little girl big poops". The best part about that is, I am proud of her poops! It is a sick fact of motherhood that I suffer while she is struggling to poop (dear readers, imagine trying to poop while laying flat on your back). I celebrate nice healthy poops and I examine everything in between to make sure my girl is healthy. I also send Mr. Bishop emails at work updating him on the poopy situation. Because he is super dad, I know he enjoys those emails!

Today was another sweet potato poop and that is awesome! Here poop schedule has remained the same with the introduction of solid foods and that makes her poop watching mother happy! No constipation for my sweet potato girl! Tonight we see what avocados will do to the diaper!

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