Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Review: Happy Baby Colors

Happy Baby Colors
By Rodger Priddy

First of all, don't buy this book used on Amazon because Elle thinks it tastes really good and the thought of feeding her a used book grosses me out. Elle is four months old now and there are a selection of books that are not heavy pokey board books that are perfect for her to peruse on her own in her crib or in her swing. This one is particularly delicious and can usually keep her busy so I can shower.

Each page features a color and four or five objects that are that color. Each page also has a cute baby modeling one of the objects. I like to set up her silent reading with a few pages of demonstration. Because there are only a few words on each page I can take some time to make fire truck noises (for red) or ribbit (for the green frog).

Best part of the book...the pages with multi-colored and black and white. It is like a surprise ending!

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