Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well on her way to being mobile

Elle is well on her way to moving...the mind is there but the body wont comply and that is very frustrating for her. She moves her feet in appropriate walking succession while she is standing up. She holds herself up against the couch or furniture. She pushes from her sitting position to army crawl position. She rolls back and forth. No real success on the transportation front yet.

Last night she tuckered herself out early. She was cranky. I was tired. I put her to bed with a pretty normal routine about 1/2 hour early. She complained but fell asleep within a few minutes of being down. Then I realized the ultimate mistake. I left my cell phone in her room. If it was off, I would not have thought about it, but it was on. Loud plus vibrate! Eeep! With all the stealth of a Navy Seal, I snuck back into the room and acquired the cell phone....and snuck back out again like Santa up the chimney. Crisis averted. I then retired to the couch to imagine myself doing laundry for an hour before I gave up all guilt and went to sleep.

Today we are going to a LaLeche meeting. I like the support I get from other mothers there.

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