Saturday, April 17, 2010

I will fight no more forever...

The last two days Elle woke up famished and wet before 5 am. Yesterday I fought it...fed her, changed her and put her back in her crib to rest until at least 6. Today I couldn't bear the fight. I tried to put her back down to sleep on her own, but I wasn't getting any of the sleep that I necessitated her sleeping a bit more...

I brought her downstairs to the couch and let her fall asleep on my chest while I at least rested. By the time we were all ready to get up, I had two dogs and a baby propped all over me. She woke up happy and ready to play and I am not a zombie, so for worked.

Yesterday we went to the Bronx Zoo. FUN! I brought both her carriage and her Baby Bjorn carrier so we could mix it up a bit. She is still too young for a full day strapped to the carriage and I don't like to try to carry her in arms and push an empty carriage. She liked the red tufted I got her a stuffed one. (No PETA, not a dead and stuffed one...a synthetic fiber, no animals harmed in the making of...after is the zoo not a fur store.) She ate the lemur when we got home.

I had a bunch of frozen milk I was going to bottle feed her at the zoo, but it did not thaw right and I ended up breastfeeding and dumping the milk. I originally did not want to have to breast feed in public...but I was wearing a nice camisole and had a big sweatshirt on so once she latched all you could see were her little bootied feet popping out from below my sweatshirt. Kid had to eat.

Big day for the little I can't fault her for being too excited to sleep for a couple days!

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