Thursday, August 12, 2010


Elle is growing fast and changing. Her eating style has changed and it is making it very hard to breastfeed her. She still is focused and relaxed during our first feeding of the day (around 6 am these days) and I feel confident she is eating. However, she is starting to refuse to nurse during the day. She wont latch, she plays with mommy's assets, she climbs off my lap after less than a minute. I have tried nursing in a quiet place. I have tried her "favorite" chair in the living room. I have tried the rocking chair in her bedroom. She is on strike. This scares me because I want her to get the food she needs.

This has been happening for about a week and I think we are going to switch to formula for the daytime feedings. I would like to keep nursing her in the morning because it works for us. Does anyone have any experience with nursing only once a day?

She is eight and a half months old and I want her to get the calories and nutrition she needs and I am not confident she is getting it from me now. Today I gave her 2 bottles during the day at times when I would have tried to nurse her and she sucked down the bottles and seemed happy. She has not been happy at a day time nursing session in a while.

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