Sunday, August 29, 2010


We took Elle to Sesame Place this week! She was to young to enjoy it. She was too young for us to enjoy it. That is ok. We had a good time anyway! The highlight of the vacation for Elle was the full length mirrors in the hotel room. Those were winners.

I was watching Elle's milestones this week also. Updates for everyone out there. Elle is 9 months old. She crawls like a maniac, anywhere she needs to go. She can climb an entire flight of stairs in less than a minute if there is another kid at the top having fun. When her knees get tired, she does a cute crawl where she is on her feet and she lifts her knees off the ground and walks like a triangle on feet and hands. She can stand up, walk along furniture and take 2 steps unsupported to get to her next piece of furniture. She loves being mobile and HATES being restricted.

I do not compare her milestones and mobility to other kids.... at all. I don't even ask other parents what their kids are doing. When I am asked about Elle's movements I reply, "Everyone does their own thing". I really believe that. For a while I would freak out because Elle would not "regard her own hand" which was a milestone at the pediatrician and in the books. Finally I decided that she just did not feel like regarding her own hand.

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