Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things a 9 month old does not care about

  1. Where that thing that she just put in her mouth has been
  2. What it looks like when SHE climbs INTO the dog crates and hangs out
  3. Why mommy does not want her in the dog crates
  4. Crawling off the bed, couch, out of the high chair (mommy will catch me, dugh)
  5. When mommy does not feel great and wants a nap
  6. What her hair looks like (chronic bed head)
  7. What her clothes look like
  8. How much nutritional value her food has
  9. What her mommy looks like
  10. How much the neighbor's car costs....

Things a 9 month old cares about:
  1. Food is yummy
  2. Mommy loves me
  3. Daddy loves me
  4. Doggies love me
  5. Mommy is not aloud to hold another baby...(Funny story about mommy holding a 3 month old and Elle stopping what she was doing to shoot across the room in violent protest)
  6. New adventures every day
  7. Full belly, when Elle has the patience and time to eat!

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