Thursday, August 12, 2010

clean up

My kid basically uses her high chair tray as a plate. Yeah, it would be cute if I got her little dishes or something, but honestly they would just end up on the floor serving as dog food bowls. (By the way, super cute that Elle feeds the dogs cheerios from her chair! Super cute that they gently and gingerly take them from her hands! And super funny that she won't throw them overboard because she likes to talk to them!)

So, after meals that consist of a lot of small cut up pieces (as many people know, my kid does not like spoons of mush but will eat ANYTHING cubed) of veggies and cheese followed by a few cheerios for dessert...I need to clean that disgusting tray. I have these snap on covers for it, but food gets stuck underneath and it is kind of gross. I also don't want to spray it down with crazy kitchen cleaner because she eats off it and I *try* to limit chemical exposure where possible. So I take the whole freekin thing and spray it with the kitchen sprayer and dish soap. Any better suggestions???

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