Monday, March 8, 2010

16 and Pregnant

I have to admit, I watch 16 and Pregnant. I watch it because it makes me feel like a better mom. (and I watch the reunion episodes because I have a little crush on Dr. Drew) But is that right? This article made me feel really bad just now like I am contributing to the exploitation of underage mothers.

I feel like I waited a long time to have a baby because I was scared of the responsibility and enormous pressure that comes with it. I was not ready to have a baby at 26 much less 16. I admire anyone who can make it work and I admire parents who support and take care of their daughters who are raising children. I think a lot of the young women on that show need to take a deep breath and be grateful that they have a place to was only after many years of supporting myself that I felt ready to support another human. Terrifying. Oh yeah, don' t even get me started on the massive drama in every episode...I love watching it but could not live it!

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