Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cleaning up after baby

Of the many things I agonize up is one of the worst these days. Elle has become a real kid, making messes and putting everything in her mouth. For example, she spit up on her exersaucer today. I wiped it up...but then what? I am scared to put chemicals on it because she chews on it (and everything else). I want to kill the grody germs without poisoning her or releasing some toxic chemical from the plastic surface.

Also, how do you clean new toys? Elle is definitely ready to play with these blocks, but I want to make sure they are clean first because they are appetizer sized!

Laundry still baffles me...I can't even think about that today!

So far I have written to the following companies asking for baby clean up advice. I hope to post reviews for you soon!

Seventh Generation
Simple Green


  1. I dump the toys in the tub with hot water and a little bleach and let them soak for 30 minutes. Then I drain the water, refill the tub with more hot water, let them soak to clean off any bleach residue. Voila! Clean toys.

    And there are days when I just let the laundry pile up. I've learned that it procreates in the night while we sleep.

  2. Ha! My dust bunnies procreate at night also!