Friday, March 26, 2010

Mama has OCD

I am obsessed with vitamins. I still take a prenatal and am super crazy that our pediatrician keeps saying Elle does not need a separate vitamin. I love our pediatrician and the entire office of doctors, but I just want her to give my kid a vitamin supplement... For people who have been reading this for a while, YES I AM STILL HARPING ON THIS.

If you have the time an inclination, tell me if your kids got vitamins from the pediatrician! This way I can further obsess over it.


  1. I didn't start giving Olivia a multi-vitamin until she was probably 2. And even then her pediatrician (I also LOVE my pediatrician and feel like she is top notch!) never said Olivia NEEDED it. She has always been a good eater and done great on the 'charts' for growth and developmental milestones etc. I give her the small chewable multi-vitamins to cover the days I don't feel like she ate balanced enough...

  2. When Cait was 3 our pediatrician wrote us a prescription for chewable vitamins, been taking them everyday since then. I believe the difference between the OTC and these is these include Flouride and Iron? As i am writing this i just rememebered that before this vitamin we had a RX for liquid vitamin drops that got added to her bottle once a day. I think those started around the time she got teeth. she was and is a normal healthy child, she eats very well, plenty of fruits and veggies.

    Hehehe, I remember when i first met you, that was one of the questions you asked me...."do i take vitamins"...well the next day i came into work and there was a little vitamin on my desk with a note <3 lol mwah!