Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wow, I feel like Hugh Heffner's ex-girlfriend?!?!?!

In all sincerity, my body never looked like Kendra Wilkenson's or Kendra Basket's for that matter. Yea, she had a bangin body before the baby, while pregnant and very soon after the baby. Meanwhile, before I was pregnant I looked like a linebacker (or a wide receiver on my best day) and post baby I look like I could strap the baby to my back, tie a cart around my waist and trudge through the bogs delivering beer. (PS that horse has nicer legs than I do.)

When I watch TV, I don't try to go for that educational stuff. You wont catch me watching the history channel or an enlightening, I want escape. Naturally, I love Kendra. I loved watching Kendra on her pre baby season, I loved watching her pregnancy and I loved watching the post baby episode I caught on rerun a couple nights ago.

I identified with Kendra's feelings when she was trying to get dressed to go on a date with her husband and didn't feel pretty. I know how sad and fat she felt. Even though when I look at her, I cant see 2 pounds she needed to lose, I know how she felt. If she saw me she would roll me out the door...but I still feel *not look* the same way she did. It sucks hating how you look. I have not lost the weight yet. I actually may coast on this baby weight excuse for the next 3-4 years.

I think Elle likes me anyway.

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