Monday, March 1, 2010

DVD Raffle! Tell your friends

Hello All, I want to do this drawing by the end of March...31 sweet days from today, so tell everyone you know to sign up so I can draw winners!

Kai-Lan’s Carnival

This DVD has 4 Kai-Lan episodes. I liked it for the bright and simple animation and sweet resolutions to every problem. The episodes talk about emotions and problem solving in an easy to understand kids format. Patience and compromising were two of the important lessons I learned from this DVD. Now if I could only put that patience and desire to compromise into action in my real life!

Rugrats: Tales from the Crib

Three Jacks & A Beanstalk

I personally like anything that riffs the old fairy tales! This is a great “family movie night” movie. I can’t wait until Elle has enough teeth to eat popcorn. Rugrats are great promoters of imagination and have an endearing quality.

*** Nickelodeon just sent 3 more DVDs!!!

  • Go Diego Go! Lion Cub Rescue (4 episodes)
  • Dora the Explorer: Let’s Explore! Dora’s Greatest Adventures (8 episodes)
  • Olivia Takes Ballet (4 episodes)

Here is how this works.

As soon as I have 120 public followers (I cant see the private followers to include them in a drawing), I will draw profile names out of a hat and post the 5 winners on the blog. (Those odds are 1 in 24 to be a winner, better then Lotto!) The first name picked and posted will get to pick her/his DVD first and the second name will get to pick his/her DVD and so on. Winners can send me their mailing addresses through my Facebook profile or at my email address. (Don’t post your mailing address on the blog for all to see!) Then I will go down to USPS and grab a flat rate envelope and mail you your DVD! I promise I won’t sell your name to any crazy marketing lists. I signed up for Similac coupons and now I get so much darn junk mail I feel like an eco-terrorist. I promise I won’t even keep your mailing address.

If this works, I will start hitting up other fun kids gear places and see if we can make everyone a winner!

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