Monday, March 22, 2010

well visit.

Again we are going for a well visit for Elle...and again I have my list of crazy first time mom questions....I will post the answers for you when I get home!!! (If she is not screaming from being stabbed in the legs by Debbie Downer. *The nurse that gives her shots is named Debbie, I told Debbie that she needs to do something nice for my kid on the days she is not giving shots because otherwise Elle will definitely call her Debbie Downer.)

I love my pediatrician because she doesn't laugh at my questions!!! Answers below in bold!

  1. How long should I keep swaddling Elle? I tried to not swaddle her two nights ago and she woke up screaming with cold hands. However, I don't want her to be a freak that can't sleep unless she is mummified when she is 16. Keep swaddling until she tells you she doesn't like it. If she tries to break out of the swaddle, it is time to stop.
  2. Please check her bald spot in the back of her head, make sure it is not flat or weird. Does swaddling have anything to do with that? Her head is not flat, she just rubs some of the hair off while she is sleeping. It is ok.
  3. She still hates tummy time, but seems to hate it less these days if I let her watch tv while she is on her tummy. She does not roll over any more, but holds her head high. Is that ok? Will tv make her dumb? Did the tv make her too lazy to roll over? TV is fine at her age, it is just lights and colors and looking at it to stretch up for tummy time is ok. She will roll over when she wants, don't worry about that. She is strong and healthy. PS: she rolled over right in front of the doctor today and made me a big liar. Thanks Elle...Thanks a bunch! Negligent mother alert!!! This woman doesn't even know what her kid is doing!
  4. When can she get spoiled? Is she too young to spoil? Is she too young to fake cry? When should I start letting her self soothe? When it is day time, I can let her fuss a little and just call in from the other room to see if reminding her that I am here will help. At night, it is still up to me how long to let her fuss. Give it a minute or so and then I can go check on her.
  5. Until what age should I sterilize her bottles and stuff? Do what makes me as a mom comfortable...if it is not too much of a burden to keep sterilizing, then just do it.
  6. Make sure her toes are still normal. Still normal and growing fine.
  7. Check her birthmark to make sure it isn't something scary. Should I put sunblock on her when we go for a walk? If Elle is out for a prolonged period try a little sun block on her exposed parts (watch for a rash). The good news is the sun is not too strong yet and *I asked for clarification on prolonged period* an hour in the morning is not too long for no sunblock. When the sun gets strong in the summer, then she will be a good age for sunblock (6 months or so) and it will be more necessary.
  8. Every month I ask, does she need a multivitamin? Still ok on the vitamin front, don't need it as long as I am taking a prenatal.
  9. Do I have to brush her gums? A nice wipe down with a clean washcloth is fine, don't really need to brush until she actually gets teeth.
  10. What about solid food? 4 months is the earliest they start solid food...because she is healthy and growing well on "her curve" we don't need solid food yet. *Follow up question, What am I supposed to do with the 3 lbs of sweet potatoes I boiled for her?
  11. She is cranky and her teeth hurt, I give her Tylenol almost every day because she seems in so much pain from her gums (hands in mouth, drooling, really cranky). How much is too much? *I don't want my kid to have a Tylenol dependency! Once a day is fine, every 4 hours every day is not fine...Make sure she is comfortable but don't use it so much you may be masking other symptoms. Make her comfortable.

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  1. These are the funniest questions! I cannot wait until you post the answers!