Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Diaper review...

We got a free pack Fisher Price Diapers for buying something at Babies R Us. I have tried a lot of diapers: Pampers, Huggies, Stop and Shop store brand and now Fisher Price.

Elle is just on the cusp between 1-2 size pampers and being a full 2 in all the brands.

I was excited to try the Fisher Price diapers because there are a lot of coupons out there and they seem inexpensive. For the good news first, they are great with pee. No leaks.

For the bad news: Poop goes right up the back of the diaper and out the top as if a special channel was built to direct it straight to the back of Elle's neck. Gross. The first time this happened, I thought I had misapplied the diaper. The second time I thought it was a particularly large or violent poop. The third time I had no one to blame but the diaper.

Because I am not one to waste diapers (cheap isn't even a strong enough word for me), I now fold over the back of the diaper facing in towards her little butt and tighten the sides extra tight. This will work for now.

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  1. Never heard of them... do you guys have Costco out there? :) Kirkland diapers work well. We prefer Pampers here because they smell nice and they keep all potty where it should be. :) But Kirkland is a cheaper (read: inexpensive) and reliable brand. Poop up the neck is no fun; for mom or baby. :/