Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Elle and her best friends

Elle has discovered our dogs...more importantly, she has discovered their waggy tails.

When Elle came home the dogs were fascinated. In particular, my licky dog Mickey was totally enamored with her. I allowed him to lick her feet and legs, but discouraged him from touching her head or hands. Sometimes he sneaks a top of the head kiss when I am not paying close enough attention. Elle loves to grab his little nub tail. Mickey loves the attention.

Mama dog Dina is very empathetic. The last two days Elle has been very fussy. She is uncomfortable and unhappy. When she cries Dina cries also, a low and pained wail. When I am rocking Elle to console her, Dina is nearby and wont leave my side. I tried to tell Dina that this is not really helping. She did not listen.

I never leave the dogs alone with Elle. I don't think that any of them are responsible enough to play alone. I hope that Elle grows up loving them and learning to treat them with respect...and I hope the dogs love her too!

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