Monday, June 21, 2010

Do they know THAT is dangerous????

Now that Elle is fully mobile, she seems to have a sixth sense of what is dangerous and what is safe. She chooses danger every time! This morning I became convinced she wants to be an electrician. No matter where I put her down, no matter what room or what part of the room she can find the outlets, wires, phone jacks, surge protectors, and cords within a second. Her particular method of learning about electronics involves tasting various I have removed, taped, covered and baby proofed most of the floor boards in my house.

Yesterday I thought she had some plumbing aptitude. No matter where I set her down she went right for the radiator pipes. Her great grandfather was a steam fitter and would be proud that she can trace any radiator pipe with her hands to find where it hits the floor or where a valve appears. I don't know if he would be so proud that she can achieve the same task by chewing on the radiator. So for the summer, there is furniture planted in front of every radiator.

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