Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elle is a biter

Those two bottom teeth are serious business. She bit my arm (left marks) and will bite anything she can get her mouth on. Sometimes if she is not hungry, she bites the nipple. Yes, the nipple. I don't mind so much when she bites the nipple on the bottle....but the alternative is kind of a bummer.

The first time it happened I got shocked. She cried. Then I asked her why she was crying when I was the person on the receiving end of the bite. She looked confused. I get scared sometimes when I am feeding her, but I have found that if I stick to feeding her when she is actually hungry instead of trying to guess, that I don't get bit. I also have found that if she is not hungry, she doesn't go for food...she just wants the binkey. This biting situation has added another layer to the great binkey debate. Sometimes she just wants to soothe and she uses the binkey for that when she is not hungry.

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