Tuesday, June 22, 2010

going through changes...

Someone is going through a growth spurt...or a torture mommy spurt. It is 5pm and Elle just laid down for her 3 o'clock nap....yeah, rough day. She was a wild woman today. I left the gate down from the living room to the stairs today to see what would happen. In 20 seconds flat she had traveled the 20 feet and was standing at the first step with her hands on the second step. She was trying to figure out what to do next. So I scooped that baby right up and bolted the gate back in place. I now have 4 gates permanently up in this old house. I need a couple more. I don't think that builders cared about babies in 1920....


  1. When Andrew was maneuvering stairs we put the baby gate on the third stair...this made him happy cuz he could still go up and down those two stairs, and it made us happy cuz he wasn't traveling all the way up the stairs...plus he didn't have the tantrums he was having trying to get to the stairs. It was a good compromise for us lol :)

  2. Lavon, that's genius! Madeleine never had an issue with the stairs, but being a boy, George might. :) Our house was built in 1912 and the stairs are.... well, for lack of a better word... treacherous! We're lucky nobody's broken their neck or any other vital body part yet! Thankfully there's a rail...safety first in this old house!

  3. I like that idea. She is very curious about the stairs, maybe when she is a LITTLE bit more steady on her feet we will try the two step trick. For now, she is stuck on flat ground!