Saturday, June 19, 2010

Elle just doesn't like spoon food

For a while Elle would eat whatever I smashed for her, but lately she has rejected the spoon. I thought my cooking was bad, so I tried to go back to some old favorites (avocado, peaches). Apparently it is not my puree skills but the spoon itself. She is more than happy to eat what I am eating off my utensil. She is more than happy to feed herself little tiny pieces of stuff. However she does not like to eat her food off her spoon from her dish.

I wonder if she is too young to self feed? I put little pieces of food on her tray and she gets most of them into her mouth. It is very cute to watch her delicately pick up each item and diligently get it into her mouth. I supervise the whole operation because it is terrifying to me!

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