Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Uh oh, I got the look

It is bad enough that Elle is the stamp, twin, clone of Mr. Bishop. The kid has his hair line (cowlicks and all), his eyes, his face shape...all she got from me are her thighs (*wait until she turns 16 and she can hate me for that too)! Now she also makes faces like him. These particular faces come out when she is mad at me, or when I have caused her some injustice. For example, she was playing this morning and made a large and stinky poopy in her pants. As I began changing her diaper she gave me a face that was a combination of, "you are killing me" and "what kind of idiot are you" and "how could you possibly do this to me". It was like the time I tried to make Mr. Bishop eat salad for dinner and he said, "you don't make friends with salad".


  1. Too funny!! Its crazy that our children seem to have parts of our personalities and/or expressions at such a young age. I'm very afraid of Olivia's teenage years... She stomps when she is mad - just like I did. Among other things... I pray that she is nothing like I was when I was a teen LOL :o)

  2. Brianne...I would rather my daughter be like you as a teen than like me!!!!