Thursday, June 10, 2010

Most people are really nice

So I went to my regular La Leche meeting yesterday. It is a great group of women and I found out some of them even have the same farm share we that is fun. When I told some non La Leche moms that I was going to the group they warned me not to talk about bottles or formula...well, I had to tell my group yesterday about the surgery and what it did to my milk supply.

They were super supportive of everything I have done so far to keep Elle fed. They said my supplementing was fine. They were helpful in telling me how to try to bring back my supply (which is why I told the surgery story) and were supportive overall. Sometimes nice people just make your day.

This is my first week without help in the house (note how I write that like I am affluent and hire people...not like it was my wild and fun family). The incision is tender and does not feel great, so I am trying to take it easy when Mr. Bishop gets home. I think he is tired also. Maybe I should get affluent so I can hire people!

On a side note, I went to Sex and the City 2 with my cousin and her sisters in law and her cousin in fun. Stupid, terrible movie, but there was a little throw out line to the ladies in the cheap seats (that is where we were) when Charlotte said (not a direct quote), 'Being a mom is hard and I have full time help, imagine those women that do it alone'. No Poop Char....we out here...thanks for the recognition now loan me your nanny for a day so I can get my Poop together.

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  1. Eh... don't pay attention to people who bash groups without ever stepping foot into their meetings. Ridiculous. I got a lot of online support from the La Leche League ladies here when George was born. Bottom line from them: keep your kid fed at any cost, formula or breastmilk. They were not judgmental at all. I just take useless opinions and toss 'em. :)