Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If you like it then you should put a ring on it...

All the single babies!!!!
Put your hands up!!!

The best toy and tool combo I have ever bought are these rings. I originally bought one package of them at Target for about $4. I use them to link Elle's binkey to her carrier or car seat (we like it so we put some rings on it). I use them to link toys to her stroller or carrier (we like toys so we put a ring on them). I use it to string toys together and drag them across the room like a crazy toy chain gang (we like to chase we put some rings on them!). Oh Oh Ohhh Oh Oh Oh...

Anything that is not secured with rings outside the house is most likely going to be lost. That is no fun. Because I am a little germ crazy, we only bring hard toys out of the house so they can be washed easily. These rings are the best. They go right into the dishwasher basket when we come home. Because I am relatively happy with their cleanliness, Elle chews on them uninhibited by her mean old mommy....and when she likes it, I am sure to put a ring on it!

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