Friday, June 11, 2010

I wish I could wrap my kid in bubble wrap...

I would wrap her head to toe with her little face showing like the snowsuit kid in A Christmas Story...This would be a special snowsuit that would protect her from not only physical ailments but also stupid choices and mean people. This snowsuit would make sure she never licked a frozen flagpole. This snowsuit would make the mean boys and girls not be mean to her. This snowsuit would make sure she never skinned her knee or got a rash.

Elle got a rash. I took her to the pediatrician. It is little spots on her back. They were coming and going for a while so I thought it was heat rash and I did not take her to the doctor. Until yesterday, when I thought it was spreading and I freaked out. She had no fever, no more crankiness than normal and was eating fine and pooping fine. But I freaked out anyway. When the doctor came in the room and asked me how I was (she was being polite), I replied, "neurotic".

Doctor said it was heat rash. Take her home and keep her cool and dry.

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