Friday, June 18, 2010

Is it wrong...

I would not mind if my kid was a nerd. A geek. Whatever. I was talking to a colleague yesterday and her son is in the band and the bag pipe band and just won a "German" prize for some nerd fair where you go and speak a foreign language in competition! I love it! Given her genetic code, Elle may be a bit nerdy...but that is something to strive for!


  1. Like mother, like daughter! That's how I look at it for Madeleine. :) She will likely be one of the band geeks we were in school, but she'll walk away a very talented young lady. :O) We nerds must stand united!!! LOL

  2. LOL you are too funny. I hope my daughter is a nerd, too... is that bad? I mean she already has the glasses thing down.. LOL she wears these bright yellow plastic frames (no lenses) all the time.