Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Farm Fresh Yummy

Elle ate turnips last night! We got a share of a local farm and I expect her diet to expand exponentially over the next few months as we collect our boxes of veggies!

Also, on the good news front...I had my first cup of coffee in over 18 months last night. YUMMMMMMMY!!!!!!! I stopped drinking coffee when I was trying to get pregnant and then was just on a roll for the pregnancy and since I have been nursing. According to LaLeche a cup or so a day should be fine for my little Elle. Actually, I can have a couple cups. I don't think I need to go there yet...but I may! Yummy!

Also, on the great news side my milk production seems to be improving. I am still a little short at night so Elle is still eating a frozen or fresh pumped bottle supplemented with a bit of formula. Maybe the caffeine gave me a boost in production last night! (totally unfounded and unscientific, but a fun idea)


  1. I actually read an article that caffeine is somewhat beneficial when breastfeeding,,,that it does in fact increase production. However, it also mentioned that like us, it can make them hyperactive.....