Sunday, February 28, 2010

That is not quite what that is used for...

I have a Chicco Lullaby Play Yard which is very helpful because our house is 2 stories and it is no fun running a baby with a dirty diaper up and down the stairs all day to change pants. *Although, come to think of it, I would probably be skinnier if I did that.* My cousin has a Graco Pack N Play.

The changing table on both of these can get really dirty and I had no idea how to keep it clean when I was changing multiple diapers a day. On a whim, I took 2 of my sheet savers that are supposed to be for the crib and tied one on top of the other on the changing area. If poop or peep gets on the top one, I just take it off and can continue dressing Elle. At less than $7 a pop, these really made sense. Also, they come in pink, white and blue so you can gender coordinate the poop department.

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