Monday, May 31, 2010

Apricots, Luvs and

We are trying 3 new things today....apricots for breakfast, LUVs diapers and ordering from I don't find to be less expensive than Target or Costco or WalMart....but I got a 15% off promo (BDBabyBaby) and free shipping today so I will give it a try.

Apricots are a winner...I will fill you in on the LUVs and order service when my goods arrive!


  1. Hooray for apricots!!

    Wasn't too impressed with Luv's, so we stick with Kirkland. The little monkeys are cute.

    Never ordered from, but if you say they're not much cheaper without a promo code, I'll keep going to Costco. :)

    I wanna win a DVD for Madeleine! Pick me, pick me, pick ME!!!

  2. Apricots are a winner...Luvs are not bad, seem to do the trick! is ok, the stuff arrived in 2 days (not bad) but without the coupon/promo code, it is too expensive. However, it was a nice treat to not have to carry that crate of diapers from the car!! (Or wait patiently for Mr. Bishop to do it!)

  3. you can send your newspaper coupons to to make the price almost the same as when they are on sale, and then the bonus is not having to carry them into the house.