Friday, May 21, 2010

6 month check up

Elle has her six month check up today....back to our regular pediatrician in the group.
Initial questions include:
  1. Why did the other doctor tell me she should have been on vitamins if you said for the previous 5 months that she did not need them? (need to find a way to say this without sounding like a psycho)
    *Dr. said don't worry and sorry that it came across stressful. Now at 6 months she can start a vitamin with fluoride and iron supplements that is by prescription.
  2. I had massive abdominal surgery, did I mess up my kid? Is she ok that I can't pick her up? (my dad will be with me so I have to explain the bearded old guy anyway)
    *She will be fine
  3. Any formula suggestions? (yes, like vitamins, still agonizing over this)
    *Try what you have first...if no reaction, stick with it. Also, she can have up to 3 full food meals a day including a wide variety of fruits, veggies, meats and yogurt! Also we will be introducing water!
  4. How do I know how much formula to give her at night when we switch to formula?
    *4 to 5 oz is good for now.
  5. When I put Elle to sleep (on her back) she usually rolls over on to her tummy now. Sometimes she smushes her face into the crib mattress. Is that ok? I stand there for a long time watching her breathing. Is that creepy for her?
    *It is ok.
  6. Should she be sitting up more? She really doesn't like to sit up unless I am sitting with her. She usually sits for a second and then 'rolls' into a forward cobra pose.
    *She is fine. She seems strong. Look for a supported sitter now (either arms in a tripod with her legs and fanny. By 9 months she should be able sit and play.
  7. When should she crawl? She puts her fanny in the air and sits on all fours and rocks but doesn't really get the crawl thing yet. She also 'swims' on the ground...arms and legs going furiously! Funny, but not particularly productive.
    *Don't worry, she is on track.
  8. Is it ok that we let her play in the bath tub? She sits in there and plays with her toys. (We sit with her) I assume she is peeing while she is playing because it is a nice warm bath and she is a baby. Is that gross for her?
    *Don't worry.
Message of the day, mellow yellow.

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