Sunday, May 16, 2010

My mom ruined my kid!!

Elle had a great nap routine. We had general times she slept (you know, between 9 and 10) not totally rigid times, but a good schedule. I would watch her eyes and face and put her right down at the first sign of sleepy. She usually yelled for about 10 seconds. When she yelled her Granny hugged her and kissed her and rocked her. Her mommy tells her everything is ok and walks away! I could never do this for any prolonged crying, but it never lasted more than a minute on the clock (yes I watched because her crying breaks my heart) so I was ok.

When I tried to put her down for her nap this morning (she was obviously tired) she yelled and looked right past me over my shoulder. Then she turned over and pulled herself up to look around for Granny. She yelled and looked and yelled and looked. She was angry. I kept coming back and holding her hand and telling her everything was ok, but she would not look at me! She wanted her Granny back!

Bad Mommy....bring me Granny!

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