Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teething and more teething

I am very lucky that my mom is here this week.

Elle is still STILL still teething. Nothing has cut yet. On her bottom gums I can see two white nubs under the surface. The right nub is actually pushing the gums up into a little bump. My poor girl is so cranky. She cannot understand why he mouth is trying to murder her!

I thought she was not hungry yesterday...she played a lot but did not nurse much. When it came time for solid food dinner she ate a ton...lots of sweet potatoes mashed with carrots and bananas.

Then I went to give her her customary dessert. She loves to nurse right after dinner. Again, she acted un interested. My mom said that maybe her teeth hurt too bad to suck. I did not even think of it. We gave her little tylenol and then I tried to feed her 10 minutes later. She ate like a champ!!!! The poor little girl's teeth hurt too much to suck.

I am so lucky that my mom is here to take care of everything, and even the unexpected things that are unrelated to the reason she had to come visit in the first place. I need to get her to come visit with out a crisis!!!


  1. Thank goodness for our own mommas!! They are filled with a wealth of practical knowledge! :o)Please tell your's "Hi" and give her a hug for me. She always gave such wonderful hugs! She probably doesn't even know how much she touched my life.

  2. Agreed! Your mom probably has no idea how much she touched ANY of our lives bc she's just humble. :) You can give her a hug from me too!