Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot weather

I know how to dress Elle for cold nights...but what do I do now that the weather is changing? Do I still put an undershirt/onsie under her cotton pajamas? Last night I put the ceiling fan on in her room with regular pajamas and a onsie. Is that ok? We will install her air conditioner when it gets a little warmer (probably over the weekend because we have to clean it and put a filter in). What temperature should I set it to?


  1. Hmmm tough one! I know when Olivia was little it was a nightly question... I would take in all the factors - weather, current room/house temp, whether baby runs warm/cool, does she have flannel or cotton sheets on bed LOL... So much to factor in!! I always ran a fan (not directly pointed at her) on low in her room too, just to circulate air. And of course every baby is different. I found that she slept best in the Summer in a t-shirt w/ cotton footed jammies on the cooler nights and if it was pretty warm I would skip the t-shirt and just use the footed jammies. Good luck!!

  2. Thanks! I don't want her to catch a chill and wake up in the middle of the night!