Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Letting myself ask for help

I think a lot of people can tell from my writing that Mr. Bishop and I are pretty tough. We don't ask for a lot of help and we are very happy to work hard to make things work. When I lost my job, we just figured it out. When our roof blew off the house, we just dealt with it.

I can't deal with this. I have been butterflied like a pork chop. Stuff me with bread crumbs and I would be on the menu at any fancy restaurant. I can't pick up my kid. At all. I have to be handed her so I can feed her. I can hold her hand while she gets a diaper change. I can watch while she gets dressed. I can hang out while she gets her bath. Try to do anything with a 5 month old without picking her up.

My aunts covered a couple days right after the surgery. My mom is here to help me this week. Then my dad and each of my brothers will take a week. My husband continues to go to work because...well, he is the only income we have right now. We needed help and my family has jumped in with both feet.

I have given up a lot of control for the good of my daughter. My pride doesn't change a poopy diaper so I better keep that pride in check.

She had sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas for dinner tonight. Her granny fed her. It was super cute. I think this will all be just fine. Elle will have some quality time with her family and I will recover.


  1. Strength only increases at the most humblest times. You are a lucky woman to have family who can and are willing to help you. Nothing I can say or do will change things for you, but I am sorry for your loss and will keep you in my prayers that you will heal quickly and your heart will mend.

  2. Hooray for a wonderful family willing to help out at any time! You're very lucky. :) And Lavon's right...we gain strength when we submit to humility. :) You're still a great mom, even if you can't pick up Elle right now.

  3. Oh my dear, I COMPLETELY understand how you feel right now... I have had some form of MAJOR surgery when Olivia was 5 months old, 14 months old, 22 months old and 35 months old... All of which restricted my ability to care for my daughter and while some people may relish a break from mommy duty it broke my heart. But, you and Elle are in amazing, capable hands! Families are amazing and yours is especially amazing. Try to enjoy your time with them and what a special time for your daugther to get to bond with them as well. You are so loved!

  4. I have nothing to add, the three post above mine covered it!