Friday, May 14, 2010

Full sentences

Every day Elle amazes me. She has started 'talking' in full sentences. When people around her are having a conversation, she interjects. Sometimes she waits for a pause in the dialog and chimes in. She has several different inflections, several different syllables and multiple facial expressions and hand gestures.

It is so cool watching her grow up. She learns new things every day.

She got on all fours today and made an attempt at crawling. She was so proud of herself... I got out the camera and pointed it at her and she was beaming!

I went back to the doctor today. The stitches/staples are out and the cut looks ok. I asked a lot of follow up questions that I could not ask in the hospital. The surgeon had to take out the ovary. The 'baby' was large, he gestured with his hand as if it was as big as his fist. He said there was a lot of old blood and fresh blood.

Please, any women out there...if your periods are weird and something isn't right with your body...demand an ultrasound. Don't let your OB tell you everything is ok.

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