Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cuddle time

This is bound to be a controversial post...

Elle is an early riser. She likes a farmer's breakfast around 5 am and she is shot out of a cannon by 6 most days. Five days a week, this is all good. On Saturdays and Sundays I offer her money, candy, toys, pet puppies, gold plated binkies...anything for just a half hour more sleep. Nothing works.

So I do the one thing that makes some moms cheer and some moms cringe. I bring her to bed with me to play. I can lay there and doze while she plays with a toy or two and rolls around. Sometimes she even takes the social cues and uses the time for a little nap. Big score for mommy.

She is cuddlier on the weekends. I think she knows these are special days. I think we all enjoy just five more minutes of rest on a Saturday.


  1. Meh.. I say do what works best for you!! We did the whole strict in your crib thing.. which wasn't easy on any of us at times and looking back I wish we hadn't been so strict. Don't set rules for yourself/parenting cause you will only wanna break em! :o) With that said, we did have Liv on a routine and stuck by it for the most part but some days that routine just wasn't what was best for us all. :o)

  2. I agree. Do what works for you guys. Who cares what others think?

    We've been pretty strict on not letting the babies sleep with us (sometimes we slip up bc it's so nice to cuddle with them!) bc I'm super paranoid about SIDS. But Madeleine, at nearly 4 yrs old, comes in every now and then to snuggle. And I'm okay with that. :) Any mother who wants to challenge me on that...I dare you! Bring it! :)