Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Transitioning away from EBF

I think it is time for me and Elle to start moving away from exclusive breast feeding. It has become a physical toll on my body and I don't think post surgery I am making enough for her at her last feeding of the night.

Last night her dad gave her a 5 oz pumped bottle before bed and we got 7 hours of sleep from our little angel. Since I have been home she has barely slept 4 hours at night. I think it might be that I just don't have a sufficient night time supply.

This is hard for me. While I say I am flexible, we have been doing this thing for 6 months now and it is a routine. It is also the only thing that I could do for her my first 10 days home from the hospital. I still can't pick her up or play crazy. I feel like it is all I can do for her. But I need to do what is best for her. This is best for her and for Mr. Bishop and me. I think we will spin down our frozen reserves of pumped milk and then go to a formula bottle at night.

Change is hard for this mama bear! Some change I just roll with, like the constant Elle is rolling, tomorrow she is creeping...that works. But big change like this is hard! Or I am just crazy.

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